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Choosing carpet and flooring for your home or business


Choosing carpet – what we need to know from you.

There’s lots to think about when decorating your home and laying your new floor is very often one of the final jobs, so can be very exciting when it comes to choosing carpet.
When coming to see us at our showroom on Castle Road,  it’s always easier if you have the following information to hand…..

Take some measurements of your room(s)
You need to know how much flooring you require so this will help us provide you with an initial quote.
If your rooms a funny size it can be easier to split the room and measure it in rectangles.

Make a rough sketch of your room shape
Include window and door positions and key items such as kitchen and bath units, fireplaces and built-in furniture. You could even take photos of the room with your mobile phone.

Check what’s under your current flooring surface
Make a note of it e.g. wood, concrete, and if it’s fairly flat. This will help us understand any other requirments that you might have, ie underlay etc.

Bring colour references such as: wallpaper samples, paint swatches or wall tiles.
This will help you when choosing carpet or flooring samples.It’s perfectly acceptable to even bring a cupboard door or a piece of worktop with you.

Of course it may be easier for us to come and visit you with our pattern books so you can view them in the actual room you’re decorating. If you would like to book a free home consultation please contact us using this contact form below or call us on 01234 354882

Whether you decide to come and see us at our shop or we come and see you at your home, we look forward to helping you choose your new flooring to suit your lifetyle and budget.


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