Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring  – all the appearance of a solid wood flooring,without the price tag.

Engineered wood flooring will look exactly like a real wood floor as the top layer (vaneer) is infact real wood.

The best engineered wood floors available will last as long and perform as well as a real wood flooring. When the top veneer is over 2 mm in thickness, it can be refinished multiple times, should you wish to update your flooring look. However bear in mind, wood flooring boards with a very thin top veneer (.6mm or so) cannot be refinished.

Underneath the veneer there several more layers of thin wood, all glued together to form a plywood-like base. The general rule is that the more layers the floor is made up of the better quality the flooring. When shopping for an engineered wood floor, pay attention to how it’s made inside almost as much as you pay attention to how the top layer looks.

We provide easy to read competitive quotes for all your flooring needs. All of our quotes are inclusive of everything you will need to ensure your flooring is fitted to the highest standard. Insulation, doors bars, beading – it’s all included in our price. We will arrive on fitting day with no unexpected additional charges for you to pay.

Customer service is very important to us which is why we go out of our way to make sure we operate in a way that is straight forward and customer friendly.

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